Brabantse Wal

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The Brabantse Wal (Brabant Ridge) is situated on the brink of the Dutch provinces of Noord-Brabant and Zeeland. It’s one of the three Alluring Landscapes in Noord-Brabant.

This is an area where natural beauty, heritage sites and cultural events are closely knit. The Brabantse Wal is a sandy ridge in the far west of the Province of Noord-Brabant that stretches from the Belgian border in the south to the town of Steenbergen in the north and Wouwse Plantage in the east. The area’s most striking feature is the vast diversity of its scenery. The gentle rolling hills of the Brabant Ridge reach over 20 meters above sea level near Woensdrecht and then suddenly drop to the vast polders around Steenbergen, the waterways of Zeeland’s delta and woodlands in Wouwse Plantage.

The city of Bergen op Zoom is situated in the centre of this region. The city’s many heritage sites recount the story of a rich and eventful past. Bergen op Zoom is well worth a visit for its many cultural events and its varied offer of shops, bars and restaurants. The extensive woodlands around Woensdrecht are a true haven for bikers and hikers. The special system of centre-routes offer many leisure opportunities.

Brabantse Wal: a top region for a taste of culture, shopping, culinary delights and active leisure.