Dilemma Maze

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May 1940. War had reached the Netherlands. There was uncertainty everywhere. Lives suddenly turned upside down. People unwittingly ended up in situations in which they had to make a choice. Often a life-changing choice…

You’re about to enter the Dilemma Maze. For a little while, you will be transported back into the past and asked to make similar choices. What would you have done? What would you do now?

Battle of the Scheldt
This Dilemma Maze is located between two military war cemeteries; the Canadian graves on the left and the British ones on the right. The hundreds of soldiers who are buried here died during the fierce Battle of the Scheldt in the autumn of 1944. This battle was one of the biggest operations during the Second World War. It was essential for the liberation of North Brabant and the Netherlands.

The storylines in this Maze have been inspired by choices taken from personal war stories from North Brabant collected by Brabant Remembers.

Brabant Remembers
During the Second World War, lives changed dramatically and forever. Brabant Remembers tells these special, inspiring and personal stories: large or small, about mobilisation, resistance, collaboration and liberation. Stories revolving around a life-changing choice. Seventy-five stories, one for every year we have been living in freedom. Together they give a good picture of the Second World War’s impact.

This interactive art installation is a concept by Mothership and features a story developed by Patrick Feijen for the innovative cultural programme of Brabant Remembers 2019/2020. With this project, Brabant Remembers wants to convey the impact of the Second World War; make it tangible and understandable for younger generations.